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These treatment modules are at a discounted flat price. The reason I can offer these treatments at a lower pricing, is because the treatment mainly is used for educational purposes. You have to meet the clinical conditions of the specific treatment to be eligible. To apply, simply click the button on the module and fill in the form. 

Image by Diana Polekhina

Snap-on teeth
on implants

Denture Wearer

Do you wear dentures? Are you unhappy? Do you want to replace your dentures with snap-on teeth? This module might suit you. 


- Complete removable dentures top and bottom


- Having 2 implants lower and/or 4 implants top

- Full face photos/videos posted on web/social media/blog

- Being able to attend various visits during treatment

- 2 year warranty


Top jaw: 3500€ (original 5000€) 

Lower jaw: 2500€ (original 3200€)

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