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3D scan or Panoramic

Single implant

Metal Ceramic crown on implant


Zirconium crown on implant

Implant bridge (2 implants and 3 teeth)


Full arch Implants and fixed bridge


Overdenture (Snap-on) on 2-6 implants


Single Immediate implant placement + Full ceramic crown

Surgical extractions of teeth

Surgical extraction wisdom teeth

Sinus lift - lateral approach

Bone augmentation procedures

Soft tissue augmentation procedures










15´000€ (flat rate price, all included) / per arch

2500-5000€ / per arch


1600€ (flat rate price, all included)


from 100€


from 350€


from 800€/side

By consultation

By Consultation

- Final quote is given after clinical and radiographic examination. Once quote is given and accepted, price does not vary, unless patient or surgeon together with patient chooses a different material or solution for the final teeth. 

- Payment terms are usually 60% after completion of implants and 40% once final teeth fitted

- We accept, Visa, Debit/Credit, transfer or cash 

- No financial longterm payment plan is offered 

Treatment Promotions

Occasionally, we post specific treatments that we are requiring, for educational, workshop, research or documentation purposes. Patients that are eligible, will get the treatment at a discounted price while complying to some conditions. To apply for the treatments, you will need to meet the certain clinical criteria for that specific procedure.

Every module has its own criteria. Click below to see the treatment modules. 

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