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Payment is made as the treatment proceeds. When the implants are placed, patients will pay for the implant installation part. After 3 months, or when the actual teeth are fitted on top, patients pay the balance.


No upfront payment is necessary.

Cancellation of appointments must be done at least 24 hours prior to surgery –

or with valid reason if later.

Missed surgical appointment without notice will incur an administration fee of 75€ if the patient re-books.


Accepted methods of payment:


Bank transfer


How does it work




The process starts with a consultation. Dr. S. Mark has surgery clinics both in Fuengirola and in Marbella (Nueva Andalucia). If you send your inquiry by email, or the contact forms, we will respond personally as soon as possible. If you already have images and X-rays, you can forward them as well.


At the consultation you will have the necessary X-rays and clinical examination to assess bone volumes and your case. You will be given a treatment plan and a quote.


If you accept the plan, the first part of the treatment is to have the actual implant placed. Usually after 7-10 days (if you are not travelling) you come back for a check-up and to remove stitches.


Healing time for the implant(s) is usually three months, and that is when impressions are made, and fabrication of the teeth starts. Depending on the number of teeth being replaced, the final work takes about 2-4 weeks before the permanent teeth are fitted.


We can even offer airport pickup and drop-off for patients coming from abroad. And we can offer driver assistance on your surgery day to and from the clinic. (conditions apply: treatments over 3000€)


2nd opinion?


We understand that dental implant treatment can be an important decision,

and sometimes it is valuable to get a different view on things.

If you have already had a consultation elsewhere, and would like a second opinion, Dr. S. Mark is happy to give his thoughts on your case either by email or by consultation. You can send your story and images by email or by filling in the CONTACT FORM (click here).

If you have had a lower quote locally or from abroad, and the doctor shares the same view of approach, he will even do his best to match it.



        Procedure in simple steps


  1. Online or in-office consultation

  2. Implant installation

  3. Healing phase

  4. Final tooth fabrication and fitting

Sugery Locations


Dentist Chair


Mark Dental Clinic

Calle Burgos 

29640 Fuengirola

Tuesdays - Thursdays - Fridays

10:00 - 18:00

Tel +34 952 917 164

img_7541 copy.jpg


Aaura Dental 

Avenida Manolete 14

29660 Nueva Andalucia

Mondays - Wednesdays

16:00 - 18:00

Tel +34 951 563 459



Mark Dental Clinic

CC Costasol N340 km 166

29680 Estepona

Mondays - Wednesdays


Tel +34 951 272 267

Traveling from abroad



If you are a traveller from abroad, and considering having your dental implant treatment with Dr. S. Mark, there are several advantages you will benefit from.


  • Competitive pricing compared to UK, US and central and northern Europe.

  • You can enjoy the sunny weather of Costa del Sol and the proximity to beaches.

  • Larger treatments include Malaga airport pickup service and surgery day pickup and transfer from your residence (conditions apply: treatments over 3000€).

  • We adapt to your time table and travel arrangements.


You need to plan your treatment in the following way:


1st phase: You will need be here for about minimum 5-10 days to be able to have your consultation, implant(s) placed, and stitches removed and wound checked before you travel home.


2nd phase: A minimum of three months later you will need come back to start the impression work and fabrication of your permanent teeth. That could be anywhere from 10 days to one month, depending on the complexity of your case and number of teeth that are being restored.


Express treatments of teeth fabrication can be made but might have additional fees from the laboratory for a faster turnover.


Also worth mentioning is that even if you are back home and need maintenance on your new teeth or implants, the implant system we use has a very common connection and drivers, used by many implant surgeons. It is a standard internal hexagon.

Documents to download




The following documents are for you to download to help you to understand your treatment better.


  • Information and consent form (needs to be signed before any treatment). (pdf)

  • Post operative instruction sheet (what to be expected after the surgery). (pdf)

  • Blood thinner medication leaflets:

Warfarin patients.pdf

Novel Anticoagulant patients.pdf

Anti-platelet patients.pdf


warranty program


Your implant has a 5-year warranty. This means that if your implant fails within five years, we will replace it free of charge if it is necessary for the treatment.

If the warrantied implant/surgery needs additional bone filler or augmentation procedure due to lack of bone, there will be an applied cost for the material used and the handle of such.


Your crown or prosthesis on top of the implant has a 2-year warranty from the laboratory. If a tooth breaks, chips, or shows signs of mechanical damage, the laboratory will repair or replace the parts. No labour cost is applied from your dentist/surgeon within the two-year period.


Bone and gum disease within the five years, causing implant infection (peri-implantitis) is not covered by the warranty.


Maintenance work and routine check-ups and are not covered by the warranty.


All warranties are voided if patient does not attend for follow-up and control at least once a year.


Change of wearable parts such as denture packings and screws are not covered by the warranty.


Standard cost for a routine check with X-rays on implant patients is 50-100€.


There is no money-back warranty after that patient has undergone treatment.


If you live abroad or are abroad and have to visit another dentist, we will not cover any expenses paid to that clinic. All warranties are only valid at the same clinic where your treatment was carried out.





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